A screenplay by Jane C. Rosen

ALICE is soaring to the top of the advertising biz, when she hits her head on the glass ceiling and gets thrown down a rabbit hole. Does she have what it takes to climb her way out to Wonderland?

Alice lives in the magical world of her imagination. Stories and images play out in her mind, then she steers them into advertising campaigns for her clients. Now she’s a big success. So, when she wins the biggest award in advertising and is offered the dream job as creative director at a big agency in Chicago, she jumps on it.

Off to a roaring start, she immediately reels in the client no one else could catch, and proceeds to wow them with her ideas. But, her new boss, Mick, believes it’s his right to screw any woman on his team, so he makes a play for Alice. She rejects every one of his persistent attempts, and retreats into her magical work. But Mick is enraged by her rejection and jealous of her success, so he begins to sabotage her work.

Alice can’t understand what’s happening and escapes deeper into her creative world. Meetings become tea parties, the company golf outing plays out as the croquette game, and she finally confides in her therapist, a hookah smoking Caterpillar. All the while her boss, the Mad Hatter, keeps chasing her further down the rabbit hole.

But when she gets pushed too far, Alice rallies her supporters and concocts a fantastic plan to flip this nightmare into her very own Wonderland.

ALICE was a Finalist in The Richmond International Film Festival, the Female Eye Film Festival (Toronto), Moondance, The Writers Place, and Silver Screen, a semi-finalist at New England Women in Film and Video, and a quarterfinalist in Creative World Awards.

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